Puebla Collection

Puebla Tiles with Designer Appeal

The beautiful tiles in our Puebla Collection represent the best of traditional Talavera from Puebla, Mexico. They are hand-painted and hand-crafted to display the artistry and workmanship of these masters of tile. The Puebla Collection will make your kitchen backsplash a gallery for this distinctive folk art.

Puebla, Mexico is the traditional home of Talavera tile. There the volcanic soil includes the perfect ingredients for terra cotta clay. Reeso Tiles’ specially curated Puebla Collection represents the work of the finest Mexican tile artisans.

The Spaniards that came to Mexico introduced the wheel and tin-based glazes. The Mexican craftsmen of the area around Puebla took these techniques and further developed them to create the colorful tiles. They first became popular in the decoration of the new churches and monasteries that were built beginning in the 1600s.

Due to the nature of this product, the tiles may be irregular in shape, size, dimension, texture, and color. Minor chipping and crazing are inherent in the product and give each piece a unique character. These tiles are available in a 4×4 size only. Choose Talavera trim here.

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Visit Our Showroom to See the Difference in Reeso Tiles Quality

The Reeso Tiles showroom is found at 1022 Vance Jackson Road in San Antonio. There our design assistants can help you choose Talavera tile from the Puebla Collection to fit the look you envision. Showroom staff are experts in Mexican tile and will advise you about both design and installation.

Most of all, a trip to the showroom provides an opportunity to see the quality of the Reeso Tiles stock. You may even find ideas for replacing your flooring with Saltillo tile. Pick up samples at the showroom or give us a call at 210-736-2634 to request a sample. Samples are sent to clients across the US for just the cost of shipping and handling.