Saltillo Tile Flooring with the Inviting Charm of Mexican Tradition

Saltillo tile has become the flooring of choice for many interior designers. Its warm colors and ease of maintenance make it a practical choice, as well.

Traditional Saltillo like the tile from Reeso Tiles is handmade in Saltillo in the Mexican state of Coahuila, which borders Texas. Saltillo tiles have become famous world-wide. They are handcrafted using methods originally brought from Spain centuries ago and are created using the unique terracotta clay found in the region. This clay is hand-formed or cut into tile, sun-dried, and then kiln-fired. The result is a variety of hues ranging from deep terracotta reds and oranges to golden and brown tones.

These Mexican tiles display a natural shading and striping, which is caused by the way the tiles are stacked and positioned in an overlapping pattern in the kiln. Slight variations in size, color, striping, and other markings give the tile a natural, rustic look that is highly desirable in flooring.

We import unsealed, unstained Saltillo and stain and finish it to our customers’ specifications.

We sell four types of Saltillo:

Saltillo Stripping

“Super” Tiles

These tiles are formed using a mechanical hand press. “Super” tiles have rounded edges and are flatter.

Regular Saltillo

These tiles are poured into wooden frames and then smoothed out like concrete. The tiles are formed with a device like a cookie cutter.

Rustic Saltillo

This tile has a rougher, more uneven surface.

Wire-cut Saltillo

This 11 x 11 tile is poured into wooden frames like regular Saltillo, but the tiles are cut out of the frame with a wire. This is a style popular in the 1970’s that has regained popularity in many parts of the country.

We also offer Saltillo tiles in these styles and shapes:


11.25 x 11.25 size


8 x 8 size

San Felipe

9 x 12 size


8″ & 12″ sizes


8″ & 12″ sizes

Pool Coping & Stair Tread

12 x 12 size

Customers can choose tile with a semigloss sealant or have the tile shipped to them raw (unsealed). Our sealant is a superior quality product that gives our Saltillo tiles a beautiful glow that can last for decades even in high traffic areas. Our tile is sold by the piece, so you can purchase exactly the quantity you need. Remember to allow for normal wastage.

Customers choose from 7 colors which include:

White Washed Saltillo Tile

White Wash

Antique Birch Saltillo Tile

Antique Birch

Walnut Saltillo Tile


Chocolate Saltillo Tile


Soft Brown Saltillo Tile

Soft Brown

Brick Red Saltillo Tile

Brick Red

Natural Saltillo Tile

Natural (unstained)

With our large inventory of unfinished Saltillo, we can typically customize and fulfill orders in a fraction of the time others would take to process an order.

Those who wish to install the tile themselves will find the team at Reeso Tiles very helpful. We can guide you in choosing mortar and other supplies for your flooring project. You will also find tips in the Reeso Tiles blog.

Visit Our Showroom to See the Difference in Reeso Tiles Quality

The Reeso Tile showroom is found at 1022 Vance Jackson Road in San Antonio. There our design assistants can help you choose Saltillo tile to fit your design sensibilities. Do you want a simple square tile? Or octagons, hexagons or a combination of more than one type? Do you have color preferences? Showroom staff can provide both design and installation guidance.

Most of all, a trip to the showroom provides an opportunity to see the quality of the Reeso Tiles stock. In flooring, greater consistency in the manufacture of the tile results in tile with greater beauty. See the custom stained and sealed tiles that we produce and compare the quality of our finished product with our competitors’ tile. Pick up samples at the showroom or give us a call at 210-736-2634 to request a sample. Samples are sent to clients across the US for just the cost of shipping and handling.